Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cube of Mondrian

Veynom's Cube of Mondrian is a really interesting take on the work of Piet Mondrian. The Dutch painter Mondrian is known for the style he developed called neo-plasticism, where he restricted himself to black, white, gray, red, yellow and blue colors, and basic lines and rectangles. While Mondrian's work is two-dimensional, here Veynom took it into the third dimension. The very cool thing about this, is that if you look directly on this LEGO sculpture from one of the four sides or from above, you can see two of Mondrian's works, and three other images that are in Mondrian's style.

Looking directly on from the front, you can see Mondrian's Komposition mit großer roter Fläche, Gelb, Schwarz, Grau und Blau from 1921.

From another side you see Mondrian's Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red. The original work (painted between 1937 and 1942) is in the Tate Museum in London.

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