Thursday, November 21, 2013

Malaysian street art

I definitely need to devote some space on this blog to street art. In this form, sometimes called guerrilla art, graffiti, posters, or other pieces are put up in public places, usually without permission, often with a political or social message. One of the most famous proponents is the British artist Banksy. I've seen both numerous examples of street art using LEGO imagery, and also LEGO renditions of street art. Recently a public piece by Ernest Zacharevic, who hails from Lithuania but is now a permanent resident of Malaysia, has made the news. The piece references the nearby Legoland theme park, and also the high crime rate in the state capital. In sadly predictable fashion, local authorities placed the blame on Zacharevic, saying the image of a minifig about to be mugged would instill fear in visitors to the city, rather than doing something about the actual crime rate. After sparking discussion for a few days, the piece was soon painted over by city authorities. Now copycat images are appearing on walls in various parts of Malaysia.

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