Friday, March 28, 2014

Nathalie Vin

London-based mosaic artist Nathalie Vin has used LEGO in a couple of recent creations - not in the way you might expect, stacking LEGO pieces together to create an image, but instead incorporating LEGO with pieces of ceramic, stained glass, gears, and other pieces to create an overall image. She describes Terra Incognita saying:
Life is 'terra incognita' and so is art - an ever-changing event emerging from endless possibilities. With this piece I created an imaginary world where the laws of nature were different from those from Earth but somehow similar in evolution. 'Terra Incognita' is an attempt to symbolise the origin of an early writing by creating a fragment suggesting both contemporary and ancient representations. Hopefully viewers find themselves in familiar and fantasy dimensions simultaneously. I used ceramic glazed tiles to represent a version of ancient writing and stained glass and lego's, computer parts and gold tiles to represent modernity and advanced technologies which other parallel civilizations might have mastered at one time.
BTW, if you're looking for the LEGO, look closely at the little white boxes that the gears are inside - those are white 1 by x tiles turned upside down. At first I didn't realize the gears were that small, so I didn't realize those pieces were LEGO.

She describes her Multiverse:
What was there when there was nothing? What triggered this burst of Cosmic egg, rippling and expanding wave after waves to create our Universe... our Multiverse? To illustrate this concept of " other dimensions" or "Multiverse theory", I chose to superimpose two distinct ideas; The origin of the 'Concept of Time' - starting with the central Point Zero, and 'the Now' - symbolised by our/a 'Computer Era' in the foreground. Although inspired by scientific orthodoxy/ theories, Multiverse is an imaginative realm representing the fusion of two separate dimensions in which the 3rd dimension - evolution - has been erased. I used smaltis, glow-in-the-dark and gold tiles to represent the expanding rich matter of the Big Bang; clockwork parts, lego's, polymer clay moulding and computer parts, were used to represent the Present.

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