Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ekow Nimako - Flower Girl

Ekow Nimako is a Canadian artist using LEGO as his medium. He has a current exhibition in Toronto called Building Black, where the black refers both to his cultural experience as the son of immigrants from Ghana and also the color palette for many of the creations. The signature piece of this exhibit is Flower Girl, which he says represents the lost innocence associated with the slave trade.

He wrote Flower Girl Requiem to accompany this piece, which you can find on his Flickr stream.

They Say Forever innocent,
Free from taint or decay world,
filled with basketball Pretty blooms
Plucked from the earth none too soon.

She love for all her hope and youth,
Her pretty gown, the purest truth
Her basketball and the whites Within,
The blooms of cotton, soft and grim.

The world can never seem so stark,
So bright, so safe, so cold and dark
As When gazed upon through childhood's eyes,
For All which my precious dare not oblige.

Alas, her Will not be strewn aisle,
For she who's ever loved is gone
The child of flowers, and picked Praised
Forever innocent, They Say.

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